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almost a year



so, haven't posted in a while.
my skin is the best it's been for about 6 years and it's winter!! I always break out loads in winter but with the help of a retinoid they have been few and far between, and cleared up easily. I have a clear forehead with a few tiny bumpy, the texture of the skin is slightly bumpy but it's probably scarring from old breakouts. 

My cheeks are so clear, a few black head type bumps near my mouth on one cheek but the other is clear. Still abit of scarring but nothing like how it used to be.

i actually switched from isotrex to differin and found no difference in the rate of my skin clearing. However, differin is more cream like and sits well under makeup. I was using differin twice a day however I'm just starting to use it at night like it reccomends on the bottle. Quite nervous about this as I have just got everything under control but it is quite drying applying it twice a day so we shall see


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