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I've been on roaccutane 6 weeks today! I remember the 6 week mark last time things were looking pretty perfect! This time around it feels like things have slowed down, I'm not sure if it's because I'm no longer taking the accutane that I bought online as well as the accutane prescribed my derm and so only on 20mg a day as opposed to 40mg. Saying that, my skin is looking really good at the moment and in no way looks terrible, I even had a client ask me what I do for my skin because it looked so clear! Oe of the spots that I spoke about in a previous post is STILL lingering, although it's just a red mark now! I don't really have any acne at the moment, although I've found my laughter lines and the area around my mouth has been quite itchy and I've developed small red lumps around the area. The only thing I can put this down to is the fact that I have started swimming in the mornings again this week and the chlorine is very drying, and I don't moisturise my face until I get home so my skin gets quite dry in the time between swimming, showering and driving home. I have a derm app on Tuesday so I will mention it then and see what he says, but its really minor. 
I've developed a rash on my right hand which I remember from last time so I'm not too bothered about that, its not itchy or anything, just some red dots. My husband freaked me out the other day because while I was getting ready he said to me 'is your hair thinning, because I know that can be a side affect?' and I was just like omg take a picture!!!! We decided it wasn't though and was just because my roots hadn't been done in a while and so appeared lighter at my scalp looking sparse. Apart form that I can't say too much has changed! I'm already thinking about after accutane and what I can do to prevent acne coming back and what I can do for brown spots etc.


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