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New to this site and want to help acne sufferers like myself



I'm a 20 year old female

Recently I had a severe bad breakout due to hormones and finding out I have PCOS .

I realised that I needed to go to the doctors to find out what was happening to my body because before I hit 20 my skin was fine, I did not have the best and the clearest skin in the world ( because I have large pores and bad blackheads around my nose and chin area ) but before I hit 20 I would only get a few pimples before I had a period or wearing heavy oily makeup. When it turned October of 2016 my skin started to break out , but not just break out I started to get large under the skin spots and loads of white heads and puss filled spots on my cheeks , forehead and chin. I was so shocked and depressed about this , I thought maybe I had an allergic reaction to something ? But no that wasn't the case I went to the doctors and found out I had PCOS if you don't know what that is Google it because if your a woman and get surprised acne out of no where that could be the answer. Anyhow I started doing everything in my power to get rid of my acne because PCOS isn't curable at first I stopped wearing makeup beacause that irritated my skin more. Then I started washing my pillow case every 3 days. (Now I sleep with a clean towel over my pillow to soak up any oil on my face. I also found out that dairy caused acne. So I cut out dairy I was on a fruit and veggie diet for weeks I was taking vitamins aswell but nothing NOTHING was working I felt so depressed I didn't even want to see my partner this was over Christmas and new year to so I didn't want to go anywhere I genuinely thought my life was over. I seen a blog on google about how lemon juice was supposed to cure acne and acne scars so I gave that a try ( it lighten my scars but didn't deal with the acne ) so I thought to myself am I going to have acne for the rest of my life. ? Would I have to go on harsh pills like accutane or spend a fortune on laser treatment. I wasn't ready to do either of them. So after 3 months of not getting my period ( I'm a virgin so I'm not pregnant) my skin WAS THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY EXISTENCE I couldn't look at a mirror because I would cry I don't mean a little sob. I mean full on mental breakdown cry the acne was spreading to my neck back and arms I was ugly all over I felt people judging me looking at me and I can say it is the worst feeling in the world. So I was browsing the Internet when I came across acne.org banana peel to cure acne I thought oh great another waist of time blog. Btw I have used some pretty expensive facial washes and medical creams including benzoyl proxide soaps etc nothing worked ! So I tried the banana peel Facemask I had no hope for this to work but I tried it anyways. So what I done was I got a banana ate it ( I love bananas there so tasty ) I got the banana peel and I scraped the inside of the peel with a knife. The stuff that came off the banana peel I put into a bowl. ( it wasn't loads. More like a lump of goo) then I rubbed it all over my face I noticed it started to go brown and it stinged a tiny bit on my spots but not In a hurtful way. Anyways I went to bed and made sure I slept face pointing towards the ceiling all night. I woke up the next morning and I couldn't belive my eyes

I'm not joking. I'm not lying I'm being 100% truthful when I say this ...

It worked. ...

It worked so well I screamed

The redness of the spots went away like magic the sore under the skin spots weren't sore and went down in size

The puss filled spots dried up and left scabs ( DONT PICK THEM ! )

It worked so good better than lemon juice better than medical creams better than anything in my experience.

I'm telling you as a person who suffered from acne for 3 months ditch the aloe Vera the honey the expensive face washes that don't do anything and use the damn banana peel Facemask after 4 days of me using this overnights my face has seriously improved I still have scars left but omg the acne has gone I'm really happy that I'm controlling it. And now. I still eat dairy I don't wash my pillow case every 3 days more like once a week I will have junk food if I want it. I finally feel like I'm winning with my skin. Plus the banana dosnent dry out or irratate your skin it leaves it soft.

Anyways I hope you liked my review and try this out please let me know if it worked for you

I'll be updating in the future about acne scars and what best natural products get rid of them  



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I'm so glad for you that something work for you!:)  try nettle and raspberry tea leaf to keep hormones even(it's the best tea for us women!) you can find them at high end store in tea/pharmacy section or try pills

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12 hours ago, ariunbold said:

Does this will work for men? :))

for men try nettle and red clover (Google nutritional facts on these herbs:)

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