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Day 28 (1 month)



Hi Guys!!

So here I am, I can finally say I made it 1 month of just washing my face with water in the evenings. Wow, what can I say? I'm so happy I took the leap and... it wasn't near as brutal as I thought. 

The big jaw breakout purge I got that started at the beginning of the 3rd week is about 60 - 70 percent better than it was. So recap of the first month, this is what I’m noticing: whiteheads came and went within one to two days, drying up extremely quick. Red bumps have been slower, taking longer sometimes up to 5 days to come to a whitehead. So far I only have a few red bumps left to come to a head, a couple whiteheads that are dried and waiting to fall off. Im just waiting on some older pimples that dried up to fall off as well. Depending on the size the pimple was, itll take a bit longer for the skin to release the dried scab/bit (yuck sorry not sure what to call it… the covering? lol). Pores significantly shrunk the first 2 weeks and remain tight and small almost everywhere expect purging places.


I notice dead skin builds up way faster/more in areas that you are having pimples/breakouts. This supports my theory that the dead skin is used by the skin as a way to protect healing skin underneath. Less disruption less chance of scarring/hyperpigmentation so again keep the exfoliation to a minimum or don’t do it at all cause it seems to be really important to keep in tact. The skin will naturally slough it off during sleep when its ready. I can vouch that I’ve noticed my skin doesn’t look as good when I exfoliated even with a simple soft sponge. Lately I’ve just been rinsing my face briefly under the shower head which is usually enough strength to get rid of the loose flakes (but not long guys, or itll dry the skin too much). Whatever the water doesn’t get rid of for dead skin just means its still intact and doing it protective purposes. The bumps on my forehead are much much better, I can really feel the blackheads being pushed out. The bumps changed during the 3rd week to almost like hard tiny nubs sticking out (blackheads being pushed out). They are annoying and SUPER easy to pick away at if youre chillin, so best advice keep the hands off the face at all costs! Tons of bacteria under those nails/fingers and “irritation causes more acne” as Dan says. They are pretty annoying though, I do miss the feeling of a smooth forehead lol but honestly I know this too shall pass and in time the blackheads will be out and it'll be naturally smooth again:) If you feel like your skin needs some sort of exfoliating/feeling a bit greasy, just lightly use your fingers (clean) in the shower after your face has been in the steam at the end before you hop out to just lightly aid whatever is sticking far out to slough off nicely. This seems to work nice and is better than full on exfoliating with the sponge. 


Alrighty, my updates for now! I’ll be back soon to check in. In summary, despite the purge Ive most definitely noticed a huge positive difference with this regimen. I am definitely sticking it through. Thanks to you all for checking on my posts, gives me some support to know people are interested in how this is going! Fell free to ask me anything in the comments if you have questions... strength and positivity to you all!


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Im glad its going so well! :) thank you for updating.

I have a question, or more of a freak out! Im on day 9 today and I had been using bp 5% twice a day for YEARS and now ive stopped to do this Caveman Regimen, except, Ive just read that going cold turkey off it can make you breakout for weeks or months really badly while your body adjusts. Did you use Bp before doing this? Im really worried about it and wondering if I should use it as a spot treatment to wean off it as my face is getting worse/staying the same its hard to tell. Im starting to doubt what im doing though I reallllllly want the Caveman Regimen to work for me. Ahh, HELP!!

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Definitely! I know the purging/breakouts are hard, but it should clear up after this. A normal cell cycle is between 4-5 weeks so technically you shouldn't see the results starting until after this point (at least in the areas of distress). Those with less undergrounds and activity will see results sooner in my guess. For me, I'm still dealing with that breakout but it's all dried up, I'm hoping by 1 month and a half it'll be almost smooth. And about the BP- I wasn't taking it actually but I was using glycolic acid which is just about as vigorous as the BP. I was going 10 percent twice a day and every week I was doing up to 50 percent (only for a few min though) for a peel. It did the trick for my skin for a year but I was using way to high of concentration and started worrying about skin cancer/sensitivity and my thinning skin. Tried to go back after OCM failed me but it didn't work anymore. That's what brought me here... so to answer your question, using any sort of vigorous chemicals on the skin will need both an adjustment period and a purge period. Most people, no matter what the regimen, report needing at least a month for their skin to readjust to something new. I know it's hard but you can do it!! Your skin will love it I'm sure :) I've been hearing about the dangerous and harmful effects of BP lately so I think you chose wisely to give it up and take the leap with this regimen.

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Ahh thank you. That acid you were using sounds soo vicious, but like you said, so is Bp. Anything with the word 'acid' in it should not be applied to skin. It kinda makes me shudder to think of it now. Like acid, peroxide, on skin. Seriously. How I must have turned a blind eye to what I had been actually doing. It makes sense now after read what you said about it taking a month to show results. If thats how long the skin takes then, yeah, I shouldnt be seeing results. Thats helped me a great deal so again, thank you. Ok, im staying strong. This has to work, I just need to give it the time it needs.

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