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My Differin Journey Day 1



A bit of background: I have suffered with acne ever since I was 12 and I have had a long and painful journey to say the least. Years of feeling insecure and suffering deep anxiety I just want it gone. I am very scared to start differin as right now my skin is ok but still have problem areas. My main problem areas are my forehead where I have large pores and spots, my nose consisting of blackheads, and my mouth and chin with spots. Weirdly enough my cheeks have always been clear.
with my differin prescription I have also been prescribed lymecycline tablets to take for about a month, a question I have is that if anyone has experienced this combo what results have they had and how do they work together?
another question is that one of my main problems is large pores, does differin help with this?

i think i will do weekly pictures of my skin possibly depending on how i feel however here is my day to day update.

Day 1: first day of applying, feels quite dry on the skin however no differences.


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day 2: a few pimples arising but nothing too major, about 3 small whiteheads and I can kind of see tiny ones, I'm so so scared for the initial break out as I have loads of clogged pores especially on my forehead..do I carry on?

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check YouTube channel for this company they are amazing Beauty adequate is 100% natural with no side effect and makes my skin beautiful you will never feel sorry try

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