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When can I stop PICKING



A lot of whitehead broke out recently.It makes me feel like all my pores are purged.All my pores can squeeze out some puss....The main thing is my skin become more and more fragile......I picked a bit whole layer of skin gone....
Before pick
After pick



Have you thought about seeing a therapist? ripping off your skin like that really damages your skin and will only worsen your complexion. You must agree the first picture is better than the next, so why do it!?  They could help train your mind to not do it so much. 

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Hey girl your skin looked okay before you picked at it. Stay away from the mirror. I'm not a picker, but I do tend to touch/feel my acne a lot when I stand in front of a mirror to check now bad it really is. My trick is to stay away from anything that could possibly show me the reflection of my face. 
Have you tried any topical/dietary treatment? Your case does not seem horrible. It should be curable with the right method within a few months!

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I have pretty much the same kind of spot on my chin and i use a damn plaster to cover it lol.. i got the spot because my skin was really irritated because of a product i used.. so dumb i was -_-.. but it will heal in a few weeks. try to gently apply vaseline on your spots and it will be improvements 

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