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Diet and Acne - Finding the Common Links



I am learning more and more about just how closely acne and diet are related. I've read a lot of books regarding nutrition and how it plays a role in either creating acne or encouraging clear skin.

I never used to believe that eliminating certain foods could actually benefit skin health. I've seen it all first hand now though and I believe it more and more. Over Christmas and Thanksgiving, I indulged too much. I'm sure I'm not alone in that! It's such a hard time of year to stay on track but now I'm paying the price with tiny whiteheads, dull and sallow looking skin, and no glow!

I think back to all the years I had horrible, cystic acne and was completely miserable. I was trying every product - over the counter, prescription, weird home remedies. Looking back, I wish I had tried to fix my diet instead. I was going about it all the wrong way. I'd get scared of a certain food and cut it out (i.e. dairy) but then still maintain a diet full of other junk! I also got scared of foods that were actually health for me (spinach, eggs.... no idea what convinced me to think these could be bad). 

I'm going to work on compiling a list of all of the most helpful foods (and the worst) for my skin based on what I have experienced the past many years. In the meantime, I'm going to fully re-commit to the paleo diet: 


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