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Beginning the regimen take 2



So I thought I had already posted a blog explaining my acne story and why I finally decided to embark on the acne.org regiment, but for some reason it did not post. I will just shorten it then... Basically I have struggled with acne all throughout college. I would get it a little in high school but it was only on my forehead which I have discovered is directly linked to my sleeping habits. Throughout my entire life I have had sleeping troubles and that coupled with long school days and heavy workloads, my forehead was pretty bad. College helped me figure out the acne I was dealing with then, but lo and behold I start getting zits near my jawline and especially on my chin. I wasn't the kindest to my skin in college, I would sleep in make-up a lot when I went out on the weekends. My nightly routine was basically make-up remover, Cetaphil, and DKR AHA/Glycolic Acid serum. I never ever had perfect skin, but it was manageable. I was okay with acne as long as it didn't cover up who I was. Fast forward, I'm in my senior year and I wanted to do birth control because it's the responsible thing to do. I have always been hesitant towards taking pills because I am already unsure about how body functions naturally and throwing in another synthetic, long-term factor gives me grief. However, my friends were getting on my about how irresponsible it is for me not to be on it. So I went to the university health center and got a prescription. Now, I have had my fair share of breakouts, Sometimes I would I have 3 giant cysts in a line on the side of my face (like they planned it) and another on my forehead. I even get PIH which adds more negativity. Within 2 weeks the entire bottom half of my face was covered in clogged, enlarged pores which always means "the zits are coming!". I stayed on the birth control for 3 months and had the WORST breakouts I have ever had. They were so concentrated, just on the lower sides of my face. Needless to say, it was enough to drag my grades down and keep me from leaving my room all weekend. I flushed that shit down the toilet (not literally, because water quality) about a month and a half ago. Here I am and in order to prevent an incident like that ever happening again, I vow to commit to the DKR regiment in hopes that it gives me my sanity back. I'm actually going to incorporate his products into a regimen of my design because from what I have gathered, its the BP that does the magic.

Morning routine:
Burt's Bees oil cleanser
DKR benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment
Vitamin C Serum
Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer
Eye Cream (I am planning on getting this because wrinkle prevention)

Night routine:
Burt's Bees oil cleanser
DKR benzoyl peroxide mixed with a few drops of DKR Jojoba oil
DKR AHA/Glycolic Acid OR Unrefined Shea Butter

Exfoliate when flaky
Every week I will do a clay mask with tea tree oil
Drink TONS of water
Every day take Fish Oil, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C supplements


Recommended Comments

One thing that could be happening is that the birth control is not right for you. There are so many brands out there, with the same active ingredients, but trust me, it is possible that you body responds to them differently. I took BC to treat my hormonal acne. Mononessa worked wonders for me, but after I switched to Sprintec, the GENERIC brand of Mononessa, my skin freaked out and went back to where it was year ago. It took me a long 6 months to realize that the BC could make you, or break you. Talk to your doctor. See if you can switch to another brand. If the cause of your acne is internal, external treatment is unlikely to work well, and you'll see catastrophic outcomes when you slack off. 

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 I feel sorry for you all please stop this cancer medicine. it's really bad for your health, you killing yourself with ongoing side effect ;just go and use (beauty adequate) I have used it and it's wonderful and they will help you and they just go through things with you, and it's cheaper than what u using and it is natural 100% no chemicals no side effect no   pain. trust me go to their YouTube channel.
check YouTube channel for this company they are amazing Beauty adequate is 100% natural with no side effect and makes my skin beautiful you will never feel sorry try

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