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Almost 2 weeks - herbal medicine, herbal bath and diet



I am seriously considering slowly introducing BP back to my current treatment. Herbal medicine may be helping me regulate my internal health, but it sure does not do anything to help my face clear up faster. Right now I still have a bunch of active whiteheads on my forehead (painful), tens of whiteheads on either side of my jaw, and a bunch of other whiteheads scattered all over my face. Those PIH marks make my face look worse than it actually is. Sometimes even I mistake acne marks for actual acne lesions. But oh well. Looking into the mirror and seeing your own face covered with red pots, some of them raised and painful, is not fun.
Based on my experience with BP, it should be able to take care of whiteheads fairly easily. Only this time, I will start very slowly, and take extra care to keep my skin moisturized. Last time I broke out with eczema, which looked much more scary, and felt much worse than having moderate acne. 
It's been a long time since I dined in a restaurant last time, or enjoyed a cup of warm milk before bed, or had a cheeseburger, or had a crepe cake, or even drank a cup of coffee - and I'm a college kid trying to get all A's. I miss having clear skin. I used to bike in mountains all day, run in the city on hot summer days, go to the gym and sweat all I wanted without worrying about my face getting cakey. I used to live my life. Now I don't even know how to live it.
Anyway, I will not stop search for a cure. There's got to be a way for me to stay clear. My body cannot play this dumb demonic game forever. I do not believe in God, because I believe that I could be in control of my own life, and all the suffering I am going through now is building me up for the day when i eventually deserve to live a happy life. Dear fellow acne suffer - I assume you are one because you are this far down this senseless blog post - you are beautiful and brave. You seek help and comfort as I do. You want a cure as badly as I do. Keep on fighting and taking care of yourself. We will eventually reconcile with ourselves by either curing acne, or loving ourselves so much that nothing skin-deep matters. Either way it'll be fantastic. 

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It's been two weeks since I started taking the Chinese herbal medicine. The amount of acne on my face has not been drastically reduced, but I do see some improvements. The whiteheads along my jawline have subsided a little bit. I'm starting to think that my acne breakout is the result of the environment. I started getting whiteheads on my forehead one day after I landed in China. It's been almost a month! This country is cursed. I came with a face so smooth, but now I can feel bumps everywhere. Five more days I shall leave this damn place and really, actually, truly start healing. 

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