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Not much has changed since my last post! The two spots that I had in my last post are going, one is just a red mark and the other is still a hard lump but its definitely going down and it isn't painful now which is nice. My skin texture isn't as rough as it has been and the rash I was talking about before seems to be going. I think it was possibly a result of using a cleanser that contained Salicylic Acid (the La Rosche Posay Effacer foaming face wash), I've since swapped to the Hada Labo hyaluronic acid foaming facial wash which seems to be doing the trick. Although saying that, my skin still looks quite patched and almost has shiny patches where the skin is just really dry. I haven't seem much change in the past week which is disappointing but hopefully things will pick up again soon. My last course of accutane started to really kick in around week 6 so I'm aiming for that! Weirdly, I've recently noticed I'm getting a few pimples on my chest and back which I never normally get but I guess this is all part of the purging process, It doesnt bother me as this is all easily covered and it's winter at the minute so I'm not exactly walking around with my ta ta's out! 

In terms of side effects, I'm noticing my ankles are getting quite painful, especially when I haven't stood up for long periods of time i.e. when I wake up in the morning. I remember getting this last time I was on accutane so I'm not too worried! I've also been experiencing the dreaded dry nose and nose bleeds. OMG its vile. Every morning I can literally peel a big scab (I'm going to pretend its a scab and not a bogie because I don't want to publicly admit to picking my nose) off the inside of my nose, sounds gross but omg the relief after! I spend the majority of the day applying Aquaphor to the inside of my nose! 

Apart form that there's nothing more to report!

I just told my husband that I'm writing a 'skin blog' and he goes 'I hope you've told everyone what you did'. He means, I hope you told everyone that you bought OTC tretinoin in Greece and thats why you're back on accutane. He then followed it up with 'and that your husband told you not to do it' LOL, ok Brad. 


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