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Starting off Week One



So I've started off on Week 1, and I already feel a bit challenged. My skin is continuing to break out. I have one large cyst on my cheek and another on its way. I also have an active blemish between my nose and mouth (likely from wiping my nose in the cold), and another possibly coming in around my mouth in the same spot they always do, which is frustrating. Thankfully though a lot of the small closed comedones on my forehead have gone away. It's not clear yet, but it looks better than a week ago. 

I've only been doing the new regimen for a few days, so I shouldn't get too discouraged yet.

A few modifications I've made: 
- only 500 mg per day of Primrose Oil and Black Currant Oil. (So one pill of each.) I'm worried that too much oil is 1) too many calories, and 2)possibly too much for a full 1000 mg dose of them both. Besides, they both offer the GLA Omega-6, so it might be overkill to take the full amount of both. 
- No turmeric supplement as of now. I'm just going to try to work it into recipes as much as possible. 
- Trying to not directly eat dairy, but my boyfriend made shrimp with butter tonight and I have had a few small pieces of dark chocolate. As with gluten, I'm going to assume I can't be perfect. I'm just going to work to eliminate it as much as possible. (No regular milk lattes, cheese, bread, etc.)

I've continued to work out and limit drinks that are not water or green tea or coffee with soy milk. I've cut out diet sodas and heavily fake-sweetened drinks. 

I also think my drinking alcohol on NYE (which was only Saturday night!) might've affected things. That was my last big hurrah, which I might be feeling the effects of now.  I also had a few big pieces of cheese that night. So anyway, even if I have a week of bad skin ahead of me, I'm going to try to stay hopeful that the new regimen will have positive effects once I give it more time. I'm only using BP once a day until that new moisturizer comes in because I just can't deal with the dry skin. If the moistruizer with urea is miraculous, I might go back to 2x per day with the BP. 

Anyway, that's my day 2 update (started 1/1). Skin still looking pretty crappy. But I imagine it's too early to feel the effects yet, good or bad. Will check in at the end of the week. 



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