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Hello, my name is Forever Young and if you are reading this then like me, you are probably suffering from a spotty face. So, I am pretty new to acne.org. I have always read reviews and fourms but never actually made an account, UNTIL TODAY. Let me explain to you my experience with acne and why I desperately need to get rid of it. (like everyone else really)
       Around a year ago is where I really started to notice something was wrong with my skin. It all began with a few bumps around my chin area, but being the in denial person I was, I simply ignored them. It wasn't until a "friend" pointed them out, did I take action. I remeber going home that night and SCRUBBING at my face. Biggest mistake I ever made (x10000). They turned into these inflamed, blistard sores that lingered for so long. Even when they did heal they still left red marks. i was traumatised. On top of the damage, I began my period as well as a copiouis amount of stress due to exams. (Great) This meant that my acne got increasingly worse every single day, it got to a point where I wouldn't want to leave the house.
      MY CURRENT SITUATION- so my acne calmed down a little over the christmas break, however I know it is goiong to get worse as i start to feel more stressed with exams. My skin at the momment is quite bumpy in texture, I have a few white heads around my chin area and upper lip. This may be due to hormones but I have noticed a cyst like spot form under my skin, around my jaw, along with extra bumps that are not usually there.
      About 5 months ago I went to a dermatologist and he perscribed me a topoical lotion called Skinoren, I have seen a little change but nothing to drastic. I just really want some methods of how to clear my skin once and for all, or at least readuce the amount of it on my face. I feel like iv'e tried everything to get the clear skin I once had and not have to plaster myself in makeup everytime I have to go out. Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks x 

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Hi I've been fighting acne for almost 10 years. Have tried a number of things...here's a list. I've tries some of them personally, others I have not tried for a variety of reasons. Hope this is somewhat helpful.
1. Benzoyl Peroxide. I purchased the 2.5% cream from this site, Acne.org. I was on the regimen for 2 months. It helped me unclog my pores, and get rid of a lot of painful cysts - but it dried my skin up so much that I got eczema at the end of my 2nd month so i had to quit. You can find a lot of success stories on this site. Do research and see if you are interested. Give it a try, especially if you have oily skin...and because this is purely topical, there will be no damage to your body, and the dry skin, for most people, is temporary. 
2. Birth Control. I'm still on it. This is tricky, because you have to find the brand that works for you, and it takes up to 6 months to make the judgement. I have PCOS, and most of the cysts on my chin and jaw are caused by hormones. BC helped me get rid of all the cysts, but I still have a ton of whiteheads all over my face.
3. Diet. I quit drinking, diary products (milk, butter, cheese), spicy foods, sugary food (yeah all desserts basically), beef, lamb, shrimp and chicken completely. Those foods are known to "heat up" your body and give you breakouts, according to traditional Chinese medicine. I don't know how much diet had helped me case, since I'm doing so many things at the same time, but eliminating those foods does not hurt. 
4. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Well it does not have to be. I'd call this a natural way of healing... maybe visit a holistic doctor in your area. Take dietary supplements according to the doctor's instructions.
5. Antibiotics. Have not tried. Because they are known to kill good bacteria as well, and they usually stop working after one stops taking it.
6. Accutane. Have not tried. This is a very powerful drug that has helped millions, but it comes with too many side effects. Dry skin, dry lips, liver dtysfunctioning, bone fragility, depression, etc. Some people found it miserable to suffer through, but others thought it was a miracle. If you are suffering from very severe acne, you could do some research and decide for yourself whether or not it is worth a shot.

Anyway, good luck. I hope you find your cure. 

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