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Day 19 (water only)



Man these blogs are finiky!! I think it’s the site… I had to go and retype it into a word document and then paste it here, otherwise directly typing into the blog post was freezing up on me!

Anyhow, last night was the first time since I can remember that I went to bed without washing my face… how liberating!! I was so tierd and didn’t feel like it at all and thought, why not? Im on a new regimen that allows me that flexibility and it is so stress-free! Rad!

As for progress- the breakout on the jaw areas seems to have all finally come out. It took about a week (which was only my second week on this regimen) for most of the tiny pores to either come to a red bump or whitehead. Whiteheads dry quickly and fall off within 1 or 2 days after. The red bumps seem to be pushing themselves into whiteheads, and doing the same process. I guess its because each cell has its own cycle time I guess. The progress is so great though, I mean even at this rate the breakout should be gone within the next week or two!!

The rest of my face remains really clear, the most noticeable difference being the pores have shrunk so much. I feel comfortable to look in the mirror again with this regimen, especially since the first thing I noticed doing this was even skin tone. The only other thing, I am noticing that my forehead looks relatively smooth and clear but if I look closely in the mirror/run the back of my finger over it, it feels quite bumpy… like tiny little hard bumps but they aren’t really noticeable. I’m guessing this could be two things: either it’s the body pushing out all the blackheads before shrinking the pore, as was done in other areas, or because my forehead is/was the most oily of my face my pores need to get used to no cleansers, so it might be a bit of sebum clogging or something. Either way I’ve heard from love vitamin and others that this is a normal process for the forehead to go through as well and will clear up after the first month is up or something. I can live with it- its only noticeable really to me!

Will update in another few days!! Good luck on this journey everyone I am so glad I took it- both for my skin and for the stress relief it gives!! cheers


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