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8 things that helped me overcome my ACNE BATTLE



8 things that helped me overcome my acne battle 
Hello Beautiful people below is a list of things that has helped me get through my struggle with acne.  I hope this list is helpful to each of you.  Attached is a link to my Youtube video that will cover this topic more in depth. Please check it out and subscribe to my channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCefDlCwQ91fSOGG1XS1EyMg/videos?view_as=public

1.  Do research
- I did research that surrounded the ins and outs of acne. I primarily researched the causes of acne, with the information I was able to find solutions. I reviewed products before use & I tested products only on one area of my face first. 

2. I learned how to properly treat acne
- I learned what and what not to do for acne prone skin. Such as NEVER sleeping in makeup, and being sure to always Cleanse, Tone & Moisture my skin twice a day.  Also, I learned my skin type, and better eating habits to decrease  my acne. 

3.  I Stopped using heavy liquid makeup
-  I gave my skin time to breath and properly heal by transitioning to a lightweight mineral makeup instead of liquid foundation.  On  most days I do not wear any makeup at all. This decision was hard, yet has greatly helped improve my skin. 

4. I removed toxic people and relationships out of my life. 
-I made the decision  to remove toxic people out of my life who were constantly criticizing my damaged skin. I didn't spend any time addressing negative people nor negative comments.   Most people WILL NOT understand your daily struggles with acne-be sure to protect your space by not allowing others opinions to affect you so much.

5. I read motivational/self help books and watched uplifting videos 
-An amazing book that I read was "15 invaluable laws of growth" (by John C. Maxwell) every sunday I tuned in to Oprah's network to watch Super Soul Sundays, and I listened to uplifting podcasts and youtube videos. These actions gave me the strength to make it through My hard days. 

6. I found beauty in my flaws. 
- I convinced myself that I was uniquely and beautifully made despite my flaws. i instilled in my head that my imperfections are what makes me beautiful. 

7. I begin to blog and discuss my feelings
-Starting the Beauty& Blemishes movement has helped me uplift other people,which has  pulled me through my tough times with struggling with acne.  

8. I learned to love myself 
-  I found a new everlasting love for myself. I reminded myself that I have so much to offer. I spent time exploring the skills and qualities that I enjoy most about myself. My struggle with acne taught me how to be strong and feel undefeated. I now believe that I can overcome any hardship throughout my life. 

Thanks for reading beauties.  Please share your thoughts about this blog entry by posting what is helping you overcome your acne battle.  I would love to know and possibly give them a try.  Be sure to check out my youtube channel. 
Until next time- Stay positive, Stay Determined, Stay BEAUTIFUL. 


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The part about self-love is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Whenever I feel ugly I think about what I have achieved with my brain...and I feel slightly better. 

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On 12/28/2016 at 5:29 AM, HarleyZ said:

The part about self-love is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Whenever I feel ugly I think about what I have achieved with my brain...and I feel slightly better. 

Thank you very for commenting!  Best of wishes towards your recovery! Stay connected. I'll be sure to follow you blog & watch your suvvsss journey.  Edited by Beauty&Blemishes

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