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A Week Before: Monday December 26.

Bubble Glinda


I call this the prep period, you need to design a plan in order to succeed, here is a list of things you need to do before January 1st.


Have a skin care routine and stick to it: Knowing you have a reliable routine will make you less aware of changes in your skin.


Throw away any magnifying mirrors / black head loops: Avoid these things like the plague, they are only aiding in you tearing up your skin. You can pluck your eyebrows in a regular mirror or ask someone else to do it for you.


Identify your triggers: for me it's when I am stressed/ my physical space is messy/ after I eat junk food. Since I am aware I can identify the route of the problem and fix it there. If I feel the urge to pick because my room is untidy then I clean it, if I feel it because I am stressed I make a list of steps to take in order to relieve that stress.


Identify your picking schedule:I always tend to pick at the same times everyday. My strongest urges come in the morning on weekends (around 8:00/9:00) and directly after school (around 2:30 / 3:00). I do this because the way the sunlight comes into my bathroom makes my skin look very harsh..thus stressing me out and causing me to pick. Identify these schedules and stay far away from mirrors at these times, find something else to do in the meantime .


Switch up your spaces:If you know there is one mirror you always pick in then try moving the mirror to a different spot, use a different bathroom for a day. Disturbing your spaces can also disturb the pattern of the impulse


Set goals for specific events: For example I have two large competitions coming up. I marked them on my calendar and set a remind countdown. If you have an important goal to strive for it’s easier not to give into the urge .


Set reminds or sticky notes: Put up sticky notes in the bathroom mirror reminding you not to pick. If you live with others and can't then I suggesting setting an alarm on your phone during the time you usually feel the urge in order to remind you. Mention your event goal in the alarm.


Take a video: Take a video right now reminding your future self not to pick. Remind them how you feel after you pick, how you feel about your skin at that moment, how you wish your skin could look,l that you wish to stop picking .and refer to it when you feel the urge to pick.



Set bathroom timers:The longer you look into a mirror the more you increase your chance of picking. (That is why I suggest to avoid mirrors as much as possible at first. Try brushing your teeth/ washing your face in the shower. ) But in the times that you can't I suggest setting a timer and making it a goal to try and complete your bathroom needs before the timer goes off. I would even suggest setting the timer and placing it across the room or in another room so you physically have to leave to shut it off.


Nail:Cut them, paint them, or get fakes. Cutting them and getting fakes are the most helpful since they physically make you unable to pick normally, but getting a nice gel coat can also be rather effective.


Gloves: Get a pair of fluffy gloves and wear them around the house, very good reminder not to pick


Get ready to make a journal:This is where you will write all your skin woes, your daily progress with skin and life in general. SOMETHING you must include after every entry….”DiD I pick my face to day *Yes *No”


Take pics:Take pics of your progress every day for at least a month, and refer to them when you feel the urge to pick.




You need to first forgive yourself, if you hat yourself it will likely make you pick more. Be happy with your skin, understand its healing like any other wound and be excited to know how it will look in a few weeks of no picking.


Be disgusted by the prospect of picking: Realize how awful and gross and disgusting it is. Your picking holes into a soft fleshy organ and spreading bacteria into pores. You would never cut yourself with a dull knife until you bleed...why do it to your face


Be more stress free, try meditating when you feel the urge to pick, It may help it pass.


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