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Day 15 (water only)



Merry Christmas everyone- wish you all a beautiful day with your families!!

not much to update as far as skin changes. My oil is almost completely regulated on my forehead, everywhere else is absolutely perfect. I wanted to post a quick one today because I cannot believe the change in my pores ... I cannot see hardly ANY of the pores on my cheeks, nose and forehead. It's INSANE. I suppose the last time my pores were so small was before pre acne or as a kid. I am over the moon happy and this is only day 15. Keep in mind I started with mild-mod acne with this regimen so it may take a little longer for your skin depending on acne type but have faith!! My side chin and jaw (tons of tiny clogged pores)  Is still cleaning itself with small whiteheads but they dry up within the day of getting them...  

I have a theory. After seeing how small and nonexistent my pores are becoming I'm starting to think the old routine of washing with cleansers and stripping the skin so harshly of its natural oils was completely drying  and  this probably dilated the pores larger than they should be- they were so thirsty and probably had to open themselves up for any moisture it could get. keep in mind I still used a  super moisturizing face moisturizer (waxelene) but maybe this wasn't enough or as good as the skins own natural sebum . totally makes sense  seems now that I have let my skin be to regulate itself my pores are finally happy and hydrated naturally so they've shrunk down to nothing? Who knows but this theory makes total sense. Who knew clear skin could be as easy as letting your skin re balance itself our bodies are smart and we don't do anything to the rest of it so why did we think we had to go ahead and cleanse the heck out of our face?  "Let it be ohhhh let it beee"



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