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Day 13 (or 14?)



Hi all,

I will upload blog posts for the first two weeks of this regimen when I get home, currently visiting family for the holidays and don't have my notes on me to detail my first two weeks on this regimen.

I thought I would mention what's currently happening with my skin. So within the first 2-3 days on this regimen, I noticed my skin tone completely changed for the better. Cleansers used to make my skin look red, blotchy and aggravated especially on BP and I really noticed this cause since beginning this regimen my skin colour is so incredibly even... Hasn't been this even since pre acne. At first I wasn't getting any breakouts, more tiny blackheads that seemed to be pushing themselves out in hard "plugs" (as they are called with this regimen).  

Skin cells have a full cycle every 4-5 weeks, so I am starting to notice breakouts in the areas of my face that I have had clogged pores forever. Tons of tiny little clogged pores to the left of my mouth, I think from failed attempts at OCM combined with a brief period of using foundation/makeup the last 3 months. I should note that I am not wearing any makeup whatsoever during this regimen to give it a good go. Anyways, this area seems to be the only place I'm breaking out which is a great sign because it's the only place on my face that I am dealing with lots of underground clogged pores.

Other than that, skin is clear everywhere else for the most part (I Wil note here that I did start this regimen with mild acne, however it does fluctuate and I have been dealing with acne continuously for over 8 years). Oiliness has gotten better, I used to be so oily within the first two hours after using cleansers, but now it's only my forehead that's still trying to balance (decreased about 70 percent already.)  dead skin builds up fast, but as soon as I see flakes or it feels pretty thick I use a Kojac sponge .... Usually about every 3-4 days. Super soft and Packed with vitamins in it Naturally, excellent and doesn't dry my skin out... No use of moisturizer with this regimen. Couple splashes in evening only with cold water on your skin if dry and lukewarm on days you are more oily. Will update in a few when I'm noticing more changes.

peace love and light :-)


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