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Day 15 [BP and PIH...ugh]

Hey again everyone. I'm almost at day 16 now and I thought I'd check in. I don't feel as down in the dumps about the initial breakout anymore, since a ton of it has calmed down and cleared [touch wood...it gives me hope]. I have really crappy PIH marks from the cheek breakout and two small nodules remaining [one near the left corner of my mouth from the hormones, a super tiny one on left cheek that was a comedone but got inflamed ... thanks Spiro!] but it is what it is. They won't scar, and they're not bright red. It's a little irritated but I'm leaving them alone. I accidentally gave into stress and picked at a small spot but it's okay, thankfully. Being worried about moving, my screwed up class schedule and my health hasn't helped me with my skin.

I hope to see better results day by day. I'm skipping the placebos to normalize my hormones -- it's recommended with a doc's approval for the first 2-3 packs, no matter what pill you're on, since it lets your body get used to the levels of hormones. I hate BP, yet I use it out of anxiety and all it does is make my skin irritated and my breakouts worse...dumb, I know. That's probably why the cheek PIH got so gnarly. I'm convinced BP has always made my PIH worse, which therefore makes my skin look bad even when it isn't. So I threw out the tube today. Good riddance.

Oh, and I'm looking for a new sulphur spot treatment if anyone has any recommendations. I've tried cheap drug stores ones and they are just too irritating due to fragrance and whatever. 


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