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Dec 19, 2016



I've been mentally beating myself up for the last three and a half months or so. I had upgraded from Neostrata 10 AHA solution to Neostrata 15 AHA gel. My skin was doing amazing well with the 10 AHA and I thought "hey, why not upgrade to 15 AHA because my skin is pretty used to 10 AHA and the results are consistent but I want to look better". I mean, who doesn't, ya know. BIG MISTAKE. Or is it? I guess only time will tell. I've been breaking out profusely (interesting along my chin and jaw area predominately. That area does NOT want to let up; recently in my forehead too :( ). I know it's the "initial purge" that acne products are famous for and it's only bringing all that mucky stuff that was already there to the surface but it's hard not to be discouraged. I will be going abroad soon to see my family after one year away from them and now is not the time I want to be self conscious ya know. However, one good thing is that I'm on summer vacation (so I don't have to show this hideousness in front of uni friends for the time being. Work is another case though lol..). I cannot wait for this disdainful purge to be over and to have that smooth skin texture that I was so close to achieving with 10 AHA again. Till then, I'm trying not to stress out about it. I thoroughly miss using my gentle Aveeno scrub :( 
Btw, I've also been using Paula's Choice Niacinamide Booster and I do believe it improved my hyperpigmentation faintly. I wasn't going to repurchase (it's bloody AUD $53 or so even after a 20% discount) but I bought it again because I need all the skincare rescue action I can get, especially now. Probably won't repurchase after this next shipment gets in (eagerly awaiting). Ain't nobody got the money for that.:smileys_n_people_93:

Till then, peace. :smileys_n_people_114:


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