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Back again!



I didn't follow up from my last blog post, but basically, I was put on a 12 month (!!) course of lymecycline. The doctor felt that I needed to take a year's worth to get this out of my system. So... I finished taking them in June 2016, and I was scared shitless that it was all going to start again. And it did....but not for 4 months. in October of this year I got quite a big cyst/spot (or 3 --hard to tell, but i think there was more than one going on) on my chin (right side this time!) just in time to go on a family cruise! Yay! Lucky me! :smileys_n_people_22: I also got a small spot just above my lip. Over the next two months, the chin spot eventually healed (still a bit discoloured though) and that spot on my lip got worse and multiplied. The last two weeks have been particularly bad and this week truly awful with multiple red spots from old blemishes as well as 4 active spots - all on or around my mouth. Because my skin had been so good (from the antibiotics), I've forgotten what I did to get it clear in the first place. This week I started using Benzac again. Although I've carried on using other anti blemish creams as a preventative over the years, it seems that the BP took my skin out of the breakout cycle to enable me to use the other (less drying) ointments as a preventative whilst my skin was relatively clear. However, my skin is super dry and flaky now and it has not stopped the emergence of new spots. Two days ago I noticed a tiny swelling above my lip but no redness nor pain, but I slathered the BP on anyway. Yesterday it was bigger, and grew bigger throughout the day....this morning I woke up to find that due to this new one and another very close to it, but ON my lip line, my lip is actually swollen!!
Yesterday, I tried to book an appointment online to see a doctor, but the next appointment is in January!! It says I can ring the surgery if it's an emergency, and though it feels like an emergency to ME - is it? I decided to try phamacy2u online doctor instead and I've been given another prescription for lymecycline. It's not ideal, but I'm desperate...and it's nearly Christmas. I'm going to book that January appointment though, this time to get a referral to a dermatologist. I've really got to get this under control once and for all....I'm going to be 48 in a few months! Way too old to still be struggling with acne! For any young readers out there....don't worry that you'll still be here in 20 or 30 years - I didn't have bad skin as a teenager! I had perioral dermatitis for a short time in my 20s, but the acne didn't start until my 40s!
And speaking of readers, I honestly thought no one read this blog, but I see that it's had over 10k hits in 4 years - I'm amazed! I only write here so that I can come back and remind myself what happened and when! That's what happens when you get old - you forget stuff! :smileys_n_people_9:
So, I am anxiously waiting for my prescription to arrive. I paid extra to have it delivered today but I don't even know if it's been dispatched. :smileys_n_people_15: And the spot above my lip continues to grow....


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