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Day 9



The right cheek IB seems to be calming down. Same with the 2 small spots on my left cheek. It was always worse to begin with on the right side and I still feel down about it but at least it's healing and flattening out. I have to go out today after being a hermit for the last few days and I'm anxious (lol) but life must go on. I have a lot to do in preparation for my move. I only have to go to the bank and no one there cares what I look like anyway. 

My forehead seems to be improving the fastest overall, though one preexisting cc from Spiro got a little puffy/inflamed. I put some clay on it and it shrank overnight. Also, I'm thinking of trying Skin Labs' SA peel at home (patch test) before I spend $$ on a high grade peel. I ordered eltaMD's oil-free PM moisturizer for patch testing too. Hoping for the best. Still on a quest to find makeup.   


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