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10 days with Diane-35

It´s soon to post big changes. I´ve only been 10 days with it! The only thing i started to notice is a headache coming out of nowhere... hope it´ll go away soon. And i think i´m gaining weight? I´m in good shape, and i do exercise often but... it´s just my feeling about it!
I will continue posting. Thanks for reading!

(Also, for the acne, i´m taking Treclinac, a topical form of antibiotic and vitamin A that my derm prescribed me... it worked amazing on my skin! I use it at night. The only bad thing is that i have to put my sunscreen on everyday, but... i hope it´ll help as well!)


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i'm on the same BC pills too! been about 9 months or so now. it worked beautifully to control my hormones especially when i stress out during exam time. the only thing is that it screwed up my period cycle (i havent had it for 5 months or so now..). I know that's really bad but long story

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Hi niklaus! Thanks for writing.
So, have you seen your gynecologist for the period thing? And if you did so, what did he/she said?
About the skin, i´m now at day 22 and haven´t notice new pimples. But the acne isn´t gone, so i´ll have to wait, right?.
Did you experience other bad symptoms? The only bad thing i´m noticing right now is that i´m getting fatter ... and i still have headaches sometimes. But nothing else.
Again, thanks! 

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I know I should but I haven't gone. Yea you will have to wait for about 2-3 months. I'm not sure if it's just in my head or not but i feel like my appetite has increased and feel quite chubby in the face, but then again I might be imagining it. 

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