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First post!



I started my accutane journey just over 4 weeks ago. I wanted to write this as reading other people's experiences helped me initially decide on starting this treatment and then have come to my rescue with the wacky side effects I've had!
I've suffered with acne for over 15 years and like most other people put on to accutane tried and tested pretty much everything else on the market from over the counter/ prescription / natural products without really getting anywhere. The only time my skin was ever okay (and I use the term okay very loosely as it was okay for me but still spotty for a normal person) was when I was on diannette contraceptive pill when I was in my late teens but you can't stay on it long term because it damages something (maybe liver? I can't remember now).
So after several years of going to and fro on accutane I eventually decided I would give it a whirl...
I stocked up before I started taking it on the products I thought I would need - cetaphil cleanser, body lotion and face cream, blistex relief cream for lips, coconut shampoo and conditioner, moisturising eye drops and figured that would be me pretty much covered. I was wrong. Very wrong. My dermatologist started me on 60mg per day and planned to up this to 80mg after 4 weeks. Within the first week or two weeks the itching started - I could have clawed my scalp off quite easily- which wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the vaginal itching. I know, too much info but I'm going to be brutally honest as others writing their experiences helped me! The skin started peeling off my head and the skin surrounding my vagina and this was when I read about coconut oil from some lovely human being that had went through something similar so coconut oil got lathered on my head and my vagina and surrounding area and left over night to be washed off the next day. After a couple of times of doing this both cleared up and the itching went away and since then I've been doing my head once or twice a week and vagina every day (as I really don't want it back there again!)
Then it got worse (I know you're trying to think what could possibly be worse!) about 2 weeks in I realised my butt had been affected the same way my vagina had and because of this my anus tore (I did say brutally honest)- from there it was bleeding and not healing at all. It got really painful and I was dreading going to the toilet all the time :( I read someone else's blog who this happened to and they said they used prep h. I hadn't heard of this so googled it and found it was a hemorrhoid cream. I ordered next day delivery off amazon and started using immediately - I got the prep h gel- this healed me up in a few days and since then I have lathered coconut oil on my anus every day also and this hasn't yet happened again (fingers crossed). Other than these horrific side effects I haven't had anything else (apart from the very expected dry lips (bleeding also)).
I'm drinking quite alot and have started taking a fish oil supplement (with no vitamin a or anything else in) and because of the butt issues I've tried to up the amount of fibre in my diet but I've always ate quite high fibre foods so this has been difficult. 
I was supposed to be back at my dermatologist for my next prescription 4 days ago but she was ill so re-arranged appt for tomorrow and now she has had a bereavement in her family so has cancelled tomorrow also- I'm a little worried being off the accutane for this long especially with my appt not yet re-arranged so not sure how long I'm going to be off :-/ Anyone who's had any short gaps while on accutane feel free to give me a heads up on if it's impacted treatment at all.
Forgot to mention I have had the awful awful accutane breakouts aswell - huge spots everywhere,  very painful, lumps and bumps all over the place particularly my jawline and sides of my cheeks but on an upside my nose has absolutely no blackheads on it whatsoever - I don't think I've ever not has blackheads on my nose?! My forehead is also clear as a whistle. I have suddenly got blackheads all over my chest but they're very very small- still weird though as I do get spots on my chest but not a covering of blackheads before. I have a lot of quite prominent white heads which didn't look this prominent before and they're on cheeks, chin and jawline. That was all a bit disjointed but think I've mentioned most of the important things. Will update again either in a month or sooner if anything relevant happens! Goodluck to all currently on the same journey :)



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