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So I took my 8th pill tonight with dinner tonight, I probably should have mentioned that I've been taking my Accutane with a cod liver oil capsule. I don't really know why or if it has any effects but thats just what I'm doing ha! 

I always find my skin looks much worse in the evening compared to when I wake up in the morning, maybe because my skin has had a chance to repair and renew over night? That being said, it is starting to look better over all! I've definitely found in the past couple days that my lips have gotten really dry, not un manageable but I can rub dead skin off them and have to reapply Aquaphor every hour or so, I did this pre Accutane any way so it's not a big deal for me. My face isn't feeling anymore dry than normal at the minute, definitely a lot less greasy! I looked back on old blog posts from when I was previously on Accutane and I apparently loved the Eucerin replenishing night cream with 5% urea so I've been applying that in the day and night now which is keeping dry skin at bay! 

In terms of acne, I'm still getting new spots around my chin and on my temples but nothing major. My forehead was pretty covered in closed comedones prior to accutane, it was my main reason for going back on Accutane. The closed comedones on my forehead seem to be drying up and flaking away but I've only noticed it happening today so it's not enough to make a difference to the texture of my forehead at this stage but it's nice to see something positive happening.

Hoping that things will start to change in this second week because I'm hoping to be clear by Christmas and thats just 2 weeks away - come on Accutane! 


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