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Seborrheic dermatitis



As i put the pieces together I've learned a lot about my skin condition and I want to share it with anyone out there who is still trying to figure out what they might have. It's the hardest not being able to put a name to a condition you're suffering with so here's what I learned about seborrheic dermatitis so far in my experience. 

using oils on skin 
eating too much sugar 
(both of these cause yeast overgrowth which results in Seb derm)

-very dry peeling skin yet still oily 
(basically dandruff on your face attached to every hair follicle and moisturizer doesn't help the flakes) 
-Enlarged pores and each pore filled with white or yellow gunk..no matter how much you pick at it, it only returns 
-Yellow scabs peeling off lips 
-stinging and hyperpigmentation in affected areas
-dandruff in scalp ( small yellow or white grains can be felt and removed  from scalp just like from face only to return) 

still trying to figure this one out 

one thing is for sure..you have to treat this..it doesn't just go away on its own even if you stop using all products or try the water only or caveman regime..none of those work as the dead skin just builds up making things worse 

definitely cut down on sugars and eat a healthy diet 

use foaming soaps to help loosen up the scales.i like Cerave hydrating bar 
but when things get out of control the anti fungal treatments work best 

so far I've tried ketoconazol shampoo and two types of zinc soaps. All of these treatments seemed to help. I also like raw honey masks and drinking acv which seem to help. 
Doing all these things keeps it under control but if you slack off it returns especially when it comes to diet. I feel that is why mine has gotten out of control recently so working on controlling my sweet tooth. 
I'm still not completely cured but this is what my three years of experience has taught me. I really wish someone shared this with me so I wouldn't have suffered so much trying to figure out what in the world was wrong with my skin. If it helps atleast one person finally get a diagnosis and begin path to treatment  I will be happy and know that you're not alone. 



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