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At a loss



So I've been trying to treat my Seb derm. I had been washing with Cerave hydrating bar and it seemed to help but lately my skin is extremely oily and the Seb derm is getting out of control again. I think it's because I've been having way too much sugar lately.  I've tried ketoconozale shampoo on face and scalp and I also got the dermazinc soap which I've been using past two days. I'm not sure if I should be using two different types of treatments at once so maybe I should just stick to the shampoo and see if that helps but i think I may have reacted to it. Has anyone used ketoconazole along with pyrithione zinc to treat their seb derm? So far neither option has made a big difference and skin and scalp continues to flake and have hard dandruff. I'm also breaking out on my chin and forehead. As for the hive like bumps, I still don't know the cause. Today my eye swelled up for some reason. Also I got some tiny stinging red bumps on my leg and arm. I do think I've become allergic to something I just don't know what. I wondered if these could be yet another symptom of Seb derm but it doesn't explain why they are showing up on my body. I was also looking into pityrosporun folliculitis as this condition is also fungal and was  wondering if I have that. Again just at a loss.. Anyone in the same boat as me? Maybe not with all my conditions but atleast one ..would love to hear your thoughts on how you're managing it.


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