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Still clueless



So I got it down to seb derm perioral dermatitis and acne which I've always had. But the final condition that I still can't figure out the cause for is the hives. I don't know what is worse anymore but having all these things together is definitely the worst kind of suffering. 
Ive never been allergic to anything and never experienced hives until these past three years. I'm actually not even sure if it's hives sometimes. Again with tremendous amount of research I've narrowed it down to Rosacea or chronic urticaria (more the second one) I've gone mad trying to find out a trigger for the raised itchy burning red bumps and every derm I've went to has only written some antihistamines and said there is no cause and to basically live with it. 
What I don't understand is why these showed up around the same time I was going through all my other skin woes. I do feel my skin has become extremely sensitive to everything that comes in contact with it as I tend to react to most products but when it happens even when I'm not using anything it makes me question what the real cause could be. Is it something I touched, is it something I ate, is it autoimmune? 
Im at a loss and I know only I can figure out what's causing it caz no doctor will help me but I'm trying I'm really trying And till this day I am experiencing them sometimes on face sometimes on body. They're usually single hives not spread all over..thank god..I can't imagine the suffering those people have to bear but it's still very much depressing everytime I  feel that stinging sensation and a new red bump shows up only to disappear within few hours. It can happen anytime which is made me so unsocial as even makeup can't help in this case. 
Now imagine all these skin conditions together, I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. Past three years have been hell and this  blog is only a snippet of what im going through.  I just want my beautiful face back my outgoing personality back and my life back.


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