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Horrible symptoms



It went from random red rashes to stinging burning skin.  Feeling so clueless about what's going on, I went and got patch tested which only resulted in a positive reaction to nickel which i already knew I was allergic to. Months passed and skin kept getting worse. Then I started noticing dandruff in my hair which I never had and I was shocked. Following the dandruff I started noticing strange red hive like bumps show up randomly on my face and sometimes on my body. I never had experienced hives and didn't know what it really was.  I spent hours upon hours researching this condition. I kept a strict food diary, I stopped using all products, I visited multiple dermatologists in the hope for a cure but alas nothing helped. I even got a more advanced patch test done where my back was taped up for three days and even though a few new allergies showed up but avoiding those chemicals  didn't seem to help. Along with all this I ended up getting tiny pimples all around my mouth and dandruff like dry skin on the corners of my mouth which continued to spread all over my face eyebrows sideburns and even ears. 
Over time after suffering so terribly with all these symptoms and researching every skin condition I possible could, I think I can atleast put a label to some of these symptoms which hopefully. gets me a step closer to treatment but certain symptoms I still can't figure out the cause of  which is what drives me insane.  When you know what  you have you can treat it or atleast manage it but when you don't even know what's causing your symptoms what can you really do other then suffer?


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