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It's been a while since my last post. Now it has been 3 months since i've started my water regimen. Between my absence from this blog, i went to the derm. Because of my minor dermititis on my face(pre water regimen). And got prescribed pills for allergic reactions for my dermititis and a lotion. He suggested I use it for dead skin on my face. The first time I used it, dead skin was sticking on my fingers and just made a mess. But I kept through it and now my dead skin problem i s gone!! So i suggest anybody on the water regimen or with dehydrated skin should use a non comedogenic moisturizer. Possibly with niacinimide, beya-glucan and some anti-oxi ingredients.
Updates on my face acne 
•one or two acne on both my cheeks(small).
•one to two acne on my forehead(also small)
•very small acne on my chin
•few very little bumps on the left side of my cheek, doesnt seems to be acne but possible that it might lead to acne.

So in conclusion, Ive experienced that af
ter the water regimen, the size and the amount of inflammation has decreased. And the frequency of acne appearing has also decreased. There are still acne spots, so it looks like i still more acne than i actually do. I hope they are gone by February. I hope this has been informative. And i hope whatever method you use works for you. And remember to always be optimistic, and say to yourself it will all pass...at least that's what i do when i get gloomy or when i feel anxiety.


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