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month 6.5 to 7.5 starting accutane and month progress

I finally visited a private dermatologist. The initial consultation was £200, the blood work was £200 and the medicine was £50. I could have had the blood tests  done on the NHS but I felt like I had waited long enough. At this point I would say my acne was very red and my face was very greasy. The derm prescribed me antibiotics for 2 weeks before starting accutane to prevent a bad initial flare up.
 was then given 40mg a day for a month and told to have another checkup  then. For the first 2 weeks my acne stayed the same and I got the occasional pustule but no cysts. Then my skin dried and my lips began to get chapped. I also noticed i started to get blackheads a little bit more often. 

At this point my acne is exclusively on my cheeks in an area the size of  the bottom of a pint class and very condensed. 

After the month I returned to the derm however I had  forgotten to sort my bloods out so when i visited my gp and it was apparent I wouldn't have time to get them done on the nhs.  I had to pay £329 for the consultation and the bloods. And then a further £150 for the accutane and antibiotics.  At this point I wouldn't say my acne had worsened but the mega cysts I had where now finally coming to a head after months of being on my face. This is easily the worst my acne had looked in terms of severity.  And with my face being virtually totally clear apart from these two areas on my cheeks it made me look like a bit of a clown.  I was given 100mg a day of accutane and 150mgx2 of clindamyicin. 

Being a university student it was hard not to drink, my derm simply said don't get smashed and don't do it often and you will be fine. My close friends were very understanding when i told them the things i could and could not do, even going as far to suggest sober nights out. My rugby team mates weren't as understanding with the typical banter being thrown around. However me being me and also 40mg being a low dose I got paralytic a couple times and my bloods came back fine (Round of applause for my liver) although I'm not so sure about doing that on a 100mg dose. And I haven't drank at all really since. 

I have a derm appointment this weekend and will give details of that and the month following this entry so i shall finally be up to date. 

Total: £929 (could have had about 350 off if i just waited for NHS bloods)
This is me just prior to treatment, sadly I don't really have any more photos apart from recent ones. but i had 2 cysts on the other cheek as well witch where right next to each other,


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