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Retin A Micro, ProFractional, Scarring

It's been 6 weeks since I had an aggressive profractional treatment on my cheeks to try and treat my acne scars.

I re-started my Retin A Micro regimen this past week. All signs of redness are gone but I still have some fain track marks from the procedure. I am having a hard time telling if there is any improvement. Sometimes I wonder if it actually made my scars worse (see the videos below for before and after pictures)

My diet has been up and down. I did wonderful for almost a month and my skin showed it!!! It was radiant. Thanksgiving was hard (as it is for most people!) but I'm hoping to eat clean again and stay that way through Christmas. My skin shows such huge benefits from eating clean that I just have to stick with it.

I am also taking some new supplements as of a few weeks ago. Here is my complete list: Vitamin D 2000-4000IU a day (I am low on Vitamin D and trying to get my levels up), magnesium (transdermal spray), probiotics, CoQ10 (occassionally), B complex, Vitamin C... I feel these supplements have helped my skin put up with my crappy diet the past week and have also been helping with my mood. I also eat a lot of salmon (and if not, I try to supplement with fish oil). 

If you want to check out any of my profractional videos for before and after pictures or more details I'll list them below:
-ProFractional Treatment 6 Week Update & Pictures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQqAiOIN6Ek&feature=youtu.be
-ProFractional Treatment Cost, Details, & Recovery:


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