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Day 57 - 8 weeks!



So.. 8 weeks done. Still on 60mg/day. Today i felt PAIN for the first time, but i guess its because i barely drank any water in the past 3 days and my body is aching for hydration. Everything hurt, my back, my legs, my arms, my hands.. it was awful. So now im going to drown myself in water :)
Aquaphor is the best thing ever. I've been having tons of issues with my nose because of dry blood that hurts like hell.. so i just put tons of Aquaphor inside my nose and voila! Problem solved. Its a bit disgusting buti dont really care.

Also, i had this horrible rash on my hands. It was itchy and red and then it started burning.. i applied some cortisone cream and that was it, it "died". Now i have like dead skin, dry, i will start applying Aquaphor there as well. 
Lips are dry but could be worse. With constant Aquaphor and exfoliation im doing great!

I have my appointment in 2 days. But i dont know if i want to upper my dose to 80mg. What if i start having side effects?

ah,  scars are the same. I dont see any improvement there so its kind of annoying.... No new cysts, only 2 veeery small spots that disappeared in a day. 


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