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the beginning

I'm on month 1.5 of accutane however ill be backtracking with the photos i have to show the extent of my acne and what worked for me. and highlight some issues with the nhs.

This photo if one of the only ones i have and is me in my summer exams revising sending a stupid selfie to my mates. I had just lost a friend in an accident had glandular fever and had my summer exams approaching so it definitely points my condition to have been caused as an response.  

As you can see this is where my acne is just manifesting, I have a lot of closed comedone and oily skin with 1 cyst on my cheek. I went to see my gp after a quick appointment of 2 days and he game me lymecycline 408 mg per day for a month and epiduo which is a topical rentinoid. It is 2.5% benzol peroxide and 0.1% adapalene witch it a retin A compound.
Some general info:  I'm a 6"2 190 pounds who is physically active 8+ times a week and altered my diet as soon as I had this to less meat and more veg intake along with more water. 



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