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Number 10



I called the dermatologist this morning and have booked an appointed for next Tuesday, it's over a week away but I'm just pleased to have got an appointment, I now have something to work towards! I feel quite apprehensive about the appointment though, ideally he would just allow me to go on accutane with no questions asked... I suppose you never know unless you ask! And I just KNOW I'll be having a 'good' day when I see him and my skin wont look that bad! I've tried most things available over the years and accutane is the only thing that has cleared me so I think that works in my favour, also the fact that I've been on Tretinoin for the past 4 months with no improvement. 

It's funny because I never even used Tretinoin for acne initially, my skin was really good! I was primarily using it for anti agin purposes, and now look at me - breaking out daily and paying £150 for dermatologist appointments! 

I think one of the most frustrating things about all this though is being unable to talk to other people about how I'm feeling. People don't understand that I don't want to try and cover my acne with make up, that I don't want to plan to go out incase I have a bad breakout, that I don't want to go out fullstop! It's difficult to understand when you haven't previously had acne before, people think you're being 'dramatic' and that it's 'not even that bad'. It can feel very isolating.
Thats why I find writing these blogs so helpful, it's an outlet and a place to talk to people going through similar things!  



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