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2 years on!

Can't believe it's been over 2 years since I posted here! 
Im not sure why I stopped, I think my skin gradually got better and better from the accutane that I saw no point in posting as there wasn't much progress!

I didn't think I'd be in this position again but I'm back to the same place I was in in my first entry. I'm breaking out again in a similar way! 

The reasons are diferent this time and I feel very much to blame! 6 months ago I got married, prior to my wedding I decided it would be a good idea to get some sunbeds so I had a nice tan for the day! All was good, I had pretty perfect skin, I was following a very plain skincare regimen. We went away on our honeymoon and I was feeling with the guilt of all the sun damage I would have imposed on my skin. So I go onto reddit, research reversing the effects of sun damage, and off I go with a list of products to the local pharmacy. Now most people will be familiar with the fact that you can get so many products abroad with out a prescription that would require a prescription in the U.K. The very helpful lady at the pharmacy recommends I get some 0.05 Tretinoin cream and apply this for however long etc etc. I'm so bloody excited at this point, I'm thinking I'm going to reverse all this sun damage, get rid of wrinkles, I'm basically going  to look like a China doll and I'm 100% down for that. 

Fast forward a few weeks and im looking far from a China doll, my laughter lines are deep, my face is flaking like you wouldnt believe and I was breaking out left right and centre! 

I played around with applying it every other night, 3x  week, buffering with moisturiser but to no avail. I was lol holding out hope! I hit the 4 month mark and i just couldn't bare it any longer. I chucked the Tretinoin away  reverted back to a simple regimen. I thought my skin would go back to normal but  still breaking out, oily, dry and just generally gross. I'm so over this now. I'm considering calling and paying for a private derm, probably the same guy as before, to help me out. I think if I did book an appointment I would just ask to go on a low dose of accutane again... for the third time! 


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