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History + Week 0 Pics



20 year old Asian with oily, acne prone skin. Here is a short trip down memory lane about my acne: 

3 months ago, I started getting acne on both my cheeks, mainly red papules. It was horrific because I never had acne on my cheeks before. It started out small, with 1 or 2 on my right cheeks and then bam, it was everywhere. After 1 month, I had acne all over my cheeks and chin so I went to see a GP and she prescribed me Dalacin T and Erythromycin 250g (1 tablet 2 times a day). I took it for a week before realizing you're not supposed to take these 2 meds together, so I stopped eating Erythromycin and added Differin 0.1% gel to my regimen. This is my new and current regimen: 
- Wash with Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Gel
- Dab Dalacin T over troubled areas
- Moisturize with CerVe Moisturizing Lotition
- Wash with Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Gel
- Use Differin as spot treatment (I read that you're supposed to dab this all over your face but I was prescribed Differin during my teenage acne days and my doctor told me to use it as spot treatment and it worked, so I'm going to use like how I did in the past) 
- Wait for Differin to dry and then dab Dalacin T over troubled areas
- Moisturize with CerVe Moisturizing Lotition  

5 days ago, I did a carbon peel laser treatment and all it did was made my acne worse. I even asked the doctor if I can do laser treatment when I am still on differin and she said yes but right now, I'm starting to think otherwise. 

As of today, I have decided that I will put differin all over my face in the evening and limit Dalcin T to only in the morning. Also, I am going to see a derm soon and get some advice on what I'm doing wrong and hopefully, he/she will point me in the right direction. Hopefully, this blog will help me track my progress. 

Here are some pictures. Compared to 3 months ago, I would say there has been improvement but after a while, it reached a standstill. Sometimes it gets worse, but never truly better. I am fed up and miserable. (Didn't have to put the black box but it was fun cuz I felt like I was taking mugshots LOL)

IMG_2016-11-20 14:02:49.jpg                 IMG_2016-11-20 14:07:43.jpg                IMG_2016-11-20 14:02:37.jpg

IMG_2016-11-20 14:02:43.jpg                 IMG_2016-11-20 14:02:32.jpg                 IMG_2016-11-20 14:02:23.jpg



IMG_2016-11-20 14:07:43.jpg


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