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2 months on differin



2 months on my regimen! My skin felt smoother and improved 50 %! My mom even commented on my progress. Though to be honest i still feel insecure, mainly due to hyperpigmentation. Most prominent after face washing, but 1 hour later my face looks dewy and almost close to being clear (i dunno if optical illusion or something). And i still do get 2 or 4 small pimples a week, which resolves within 2 to 3 days with bp (spot treatment) and differin (whole face) ONLY at night. Well thats expected from what ive read from other differin users. Overall, im happier right now than 4 weeks ago. My advice to other differin users, is to use it only at night. True to its claims, it wont make pimples disappear faster if used in the morning. I've experimented on it, i noticed my pimple heal faster if i dont put anything in morning. I allow my skin to breath in the morning, rather than stuffing it with products. Hmm maybe at a microscopic level, the stuffs/oil/pus inside the pimple go out more freely than when you block it with a cream (even how non-comedogenic it is).  Keep your skin regimen simple. You'll be surprised that when you ask people with clear skin, they actually dont put anything at all on their faces. Avoid mirrors, youll be skin obsessed and its not good on your psyche. Good luck :)



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