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Day 13



I wanted to check back in and report on how things have been since day 10. I was super depressed Sunday because 2 pretty bad forehead spots were emerging, so I decided to say f/ck it and go back to my old cleanser. And it worked. One of them receded and disappeared entirely, while the other became way less inflamed. It just goes to show products make a world of difference. I knew it wasn't Spiro's fault! Crisis averted....You know, I think I've discovered what the culprit is: GLYCERIN. Every time I use a glycerin based wash, my skin is not happy. I think this is rare, since it's supposed to be good for sensitive skin. But it's true for me. 

More blackhead plugs are pushing out of my nose, which is good. [Gross, I know. Sorry.] I'm not tampering or messing with any of it, though, until it emerges further like the other plugs have. It's a bad idea since I scar and get inflamed easily. I messed with one tiny whitehead and it became a gnarly scab. Hopefully it won't scar. 

I love how soft my skin is becoming by the day. It's become even better since I stopped using the glycerin wash. I've noticed a few of my eyebrow hairs have shed the last few days, I've lost maybe 5 or 6 in total [3 today] but it could be because my eyebrows are super thick and I haven't plucked in a really long time. I have read it's common for people to shed some eyelashes and brow hairs when first beginning Spiro, so I'll try not to worry. 

A nodule started to form in the typical spot I always get it before my period [lower left side of my chin]. While it is a bit pinkish and firm right now, it's not that big and it doesn't hurt at all which is a great sign. That means within the next couple of days it'll be gone completely! I'll reiterate that before starting Spiro, these suckers would hurt so badly I couldn't even smile, and they'd linger for weeks at a time. Another interesting thing -- I've had way fewer mood swings this week, which is a god send. 


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