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November 2016 Update



My skin is looking pretty clear! I've been using Tretinoin for 7 weeks and on Doryx for 9. I had a derm visit last Thursday and she agreed that my skin is looking much better than before, but did note the cysts and acne scars around my cheeks and neck. About 2 weeks ago I started breaking out pretty bad, but I blame it on being super stressed with school and work, being on my period, and not being consistent with Doryx (I'm supposed to take it every night, but sometimes I get home so tired and just fall asleep). She prescribed me a new topical, Onexton, and said to use that as a spot treatment. It came in the mail today and I just applied some about 15 minutes ago. My skin has been dry/peeling lately so hopefully it doesn't make it too much worse.
The best thing though is that my self-confidence really is coming back :) And just a bonus: my foundation is applying so much better :P
On a relatively similar note, a few weeks ago I began looking into the oil cleansing method. I read so many good reviews on it so I'm considering giving it a go when I'm done with these medications; I mean, I don't plan on using them forever! If the OCM really does keep my skin clear, that's much better for my bank account.

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I'm glad to hear that things are going well.  I would caution against OCM as while it works for many, it can be disasterous for those of us with problematic skin.

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