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Day 3 November 15th, 2016



I am on day 3 and so far my skin is breaking out like crazy! All of the usual spots where I get acne (checks, jaw line, chin) have huge white heads. My skin is more oily than usual and I feel as though the dead/gross stuff is coming to the surface. I have work tomorrow so hopefullly this will calm down so I don't have to put makeup on over it. I don't have as much as an appetite, my skin is almost itchy but oily and I did have chest pains in the middle of the night last night but other than that I feel totally fine! I almost feel calmer on this medication (I am usually an anxious person). I read a lot about the initial breakout and this one seems different than other initial breakouts. I know it is probably because it is a higher dosage but there are a lot of whiteheads and it is beginning to concern me. Thanksgiving is next week which means I have to see my entire high school. All if this is totally worth it, if i have to stay in next week I will still be so happy if the tradeoff is clear skin! If anyone has had a similar initial breakout let me know!

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I've literally had the exact same thing as you! I've just started my third week. My chin is literally covered in whiteheads and it feels as though every piece of dirt or bacteria is all being pushed out through my pores; i feel pretty gross at the moment. Plus i've been getting some really really bad chest pains that make me momentarily lose my breath, which kinda sucks as well. Although i hate that you're getting these side effects, i'm glad I'm not the only one with these symptoms! 

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