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Week 6 regimen



So today is the last day of my 6th week on the regimen. I don't know how to feel about it. Last week I freaked out about a severe breakout on my left chink, which is still remaining today. It has calmed down a lot - still very visible, painful to the touch, but better. But yesterday I got three new breakouts out of the blue, and they are all on the front of my face. 
So the breakout I got last week was on one side, and you probably cannot tell if I talk to you face-to-face. Now I have a giant, red pimple on the tip of my nose (how pretty), under my right eye (great), and under my left eye. Three of them. Red and painful and big. Plus a big one of my forehead and a big one near my left temple. Oh and maybe five alone my jawline. 
I have not changed a thing in my facial routine. I don't know what the fuck is going on. I just keep getting more and more acne even though I'm still on the regimen. The veterans keep telling me that I have to be patient. Well hell no how could I be when I'm spending all this time on my face and seeing it going back to where it started a month ago?
I'm scared. What should I do? The only thing left would be Accutane which I never ever want to take. I'll for sure stick to the regimen for 3months and see if things are still bad. Seriously my life is so affected... It takes me 3x longer to get ready in the morning compared to other people. This is unfair. 
Alright enough rant I need to get work done now. Exams and thesis!! Glad my brain works like a wonder otherwise I'd really want to disappear from this world.


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