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Day 10... depressed



So, it's about day 10 and I feel really depressed. I love how my skin is way less oily, but overall my face still looks awful and it's getting me down. Ever since I switched cleansers about 3 and a half weeks ago, my forehead has been breaking out more than ever before, and it's so frustrating. I'm not able to use Neutrogena anymore since it has fragrance, but every other one I seem to use is promoting weird forehead breakouts...unless the one spot that popped up on my forehead tonight is just from adjusting to the meds. Who knows. It's actually pretty bad, it's big and feels firm so I am icing it and hoping the Spiro will make it go away faster.  Spiro has been resolving the hormonal bumps on my chin faster, so maybe I'll be lucky. 

Either way, I feel so bad about myself and hopeless about the situation. The PIH marks and unevenness of my skin is also what depresses me. I can't stand looking at it. Thankfully I found new makeup that I think will work for me, but the bumpiness of my face will be obvious. 

I'm truly scared my next option will have to be Accutane and I don't know what I'd do if that didn't work either. I'm praying the Spiro will keep working. 


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