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Whiteheads around mouth area



(note, I don't have any type of herpes) Lately, i've been getting these whiteheads on my cupid's bow and mouth area and I don't know where the are coming from? The don't hurt (unless they grow bigger), but if I don't pop them, they grow, and even when they disappear, more pop up. It's so annoying and makes me look like a have herpes when I don't and i'm just so confused. The only products I usually use on my lips are Burt Bee's chapstick, coconut oil, and vaseline (since they tend to become dry and peel, so I need to moisturize them often). And it isn't the chapstick since i've been getting these before I purchased that.  I have combination skin btw

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Sounds like you could be reacting to something in mouthwash or toothpaste, maybe even your lipstick since it's on your cupid's bow. Coconut oil is VERY pore clogging in sensitive individuals, stop that and see if it helps. The petroleum/beeswax could also be clogging your pores. 

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