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Day 8



So, today is day 8. I woke up and didn't have any new active spots on my face, which hasn't happened in a while. But my skin still feels very dry, and it stings occasionally from the dryness and the healing process. The 2 under the skin chin bumps resolved some last night. They aren't bright red or tender as they'd normally be for a week or more. Oil is still super low and cheeks feel softer. One small papule flattened out overnight. Also, a small under the skin zit on my upper lip that began to form a few days ago never reared its ugly head, which is a good sign. 

The cc's in the corner of my mouth are steadily becoming active and are itching. It seems like since this is a light version of Accutane, my skin is super delicate so extracting is a bad idea. It's embarrassing having to go around with tiny whiteheads, though. :smileys_n_people_15: I know this is just a part of the purging process, and I'm comforting myself by acknowledging that most, if not all the spots right now are OLD bumps that have been hanging around for a while under my skin and are just pushing their way to the surface. I have so many super tiny little plugs sticking out of my chin every morning when I wake up, it's unbelievable...I'd say the cc's on my chin have decreased by 70% already. I'm exfoliating with the cloth tonight. 

I would go on antibiotics to try and help with the purge, but I don't think it would do me much good. Doxy made me so much worse, because I think it wiped out the good bacteria in my gut and let new cysts form that I never had before using it. I'm too scared to risk that again. 


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