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I have been stuggling with acne for the past few months. 
I had started on proactive when I was in 6th grade for moderate acne.
it cleared me up completely until about a year ago then it stopped working.
I went odd of it my face freaked out (the worst acne I ever had)
I went back on, it has been mostly clear besides A LOT of Closed Condones & Mild Scarring & Hyperpigmentation 
Starting to also get large cystic Acne from Birth Control- I am going to change it soon.

Take dairy, gluten, sugar, processed foods out of diet.
Only drink water regular and sparkling
Exercise:  Different styles of dance 
Stop Picking
Change environment:  i.e wash pillow case every other day, don't go to sleep with wet hair, clean electronics every other day, clean makeup brushes every three days. 
Try different products with proactive: Face masks , light therapy, other   

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