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Week 1



Today is my first full week of Spiro, 50mg/day with one 25mg supplement at 8:30 AM and another at 1 PM with lunch. I read here that dividing the doses with breakfast and lunch is best...anyone else agree this has worked well for them? I am sorry I am too embarrassed to take pics, but if I did it would probably really throw me into an emotional tailspin. 

The overall oil decrease in one week is incredible. My scalp is not dry, but not so oily that I have to wash every other day. The oil on my nose has decreased tons...there used to be tiny pinprick dots of oil from my nose less than an hour after washing up or showering. Same with my forehead. Not anymore. It's not totally dry but it's improved a lot! I have noticed my face is stinging a bit from being dry, but I am struggling to find a moisturizer. 

I'm getting some new spots. But they're resolving much faster than they would have if I hadn't been on Spiro. I developed 2 under the skin bumps [nodules?] on my chin a few days after I began taking it. But I tend to get those anyway, so I am not sure if it's Spiro's fault, though I am worried since some said this drug made their acne worse before it got better. It may also have formed because I didn't wash my face at all the other day other than using warm water. Right now I'm using Simple's foaming cleanser since I have a lot of product allergies. 

I'm expecting hair growth to decrease much later down the road. I'll be so glad, too. It's quite embarrassing having excess coarse hairs on your chin. I tend to get a couple on my right cheek, too. They're TINY but I now they're there, and it's upsetting. 

I'm still having a ton of anxiety about my face. Up until like 2 months ago, it was never this bad. I am very worried I'll need to take Accutane at some point because I already have some joint issues, but I'm not sure what else to do if Spiro and possibly Yaz/OTC do not end up working. I'm trying to be patient and ride this out, I appreciate any support. :smileys_n_people_15:


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