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Days 12 - 15



Day 12 – 7.11.2016 (13th pill taken PM)

Day 13 – 8.11.2016 (14th pill taken PM)

Small spots seem to be all over face and neck (not necessarily red, but bumps).

Day 14 – 9.11.2016 (15th pill taken PM)

Day 15 – 10.11.2016 (16th pill taken PM)

I am definitely breaking out, particularly on my forehead and around my jaw line. On my forehead they are now medium-size red bumps with small under the surface bumps all over. My jaw lines are full of under the surface bumps, some blackheads. My nose is full of blackheads. Spots on shoulders and some on chest and back. Hoping the breakout will get better soon.


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