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Day 44



I'm on day 44, 15 on the new dose, and so far nothing but dry lips. No pain, no fatigue, nothing.. i got only 1 nose bleed but it was not bad at all. 

My next appointment is on the 24th, perhaps i'll get a higher dose too, 80mg per day. I think my body tolerates the drug very well, but im a bit concerned about not getting the side effects, not complaining though, i dont want to be in pain or act all crazy, but i wonder if the drug is working the way it should?

I got only 3 very small spots/cysts a couple weeks ago, but they are nothing compared to what i used to have. They are still there, you can see them, but they are not active anymore.

Im putting Aquaphore and Carmex on my lips and so far so good. Yes, they are annoyingly dry, but they dont hurt or bleed (yet). 
A bit of dryness on my face too, only the chin area, but thats about it.
Scars are still there, very visible, but perhaaaaps they are a tiny bit better. Very little improvement there.

I'll write another entry if anything changes.

Good luck to all of you who are on this journey as well!


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