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6 weeks to go...



Six weeks left of my treatment. My skin has been fine, no problems at all, until 2 days ago. I have had a sudden increase in sensitivity on my face and a very dry area on my chin. I have also been getting a pain in what I believe is my kidney in my back.  
I am coming to a personal opinion that maybe my body has reached its tolerable limit of the medication. If I stopped now I would be approximately 1000mg down on my cumulative dose so not good in terms of stopping a relapse. I have decided to take the med on alternative days and see if this pain/ache goes. The dry skin and sensitivity doesn't bother me as of course that's a side effect that goes without saying but if I am feeling my organ moaning then that's a different matter. Will definitely how it goes and see if the pain subsides. It's only been a couple if days. I have upped my water intake too.


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