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Days 1 - 11



Day 1 – 27.10.2016 (2nd pill taken)

I took the first 20mg Ciscutan capsule last night with a big plate of food: veal, green beans and bacon, rice. I think night vision was already difficult but that might just be because my eyes are terrible anyway. During the day at work I noticed my make-up is drying very easily to my face – it doesn't usually dry like this.


Day 2 – 28.10.2016 (3rd pill taken)

Small spots appearing, particularly around my jaw line. Had an outbreak of oil around 16:00 today. My contact lenses are drying out very quickly when in my eyes.


Day 3 – 29.10.2016 (4th pill taken)

I put some benzoyl peroxide on my spots last night and I woke up with red patches on my skin, particularly near my eyes. I think benzoyl peroxide might be having more of a drying/irritating effect since I am on this medication.


Day 4 – 30.10.2016 (5th pill taken PM)

Woke up with two new wide heads on my jawline this morning. It also looks like there are many small spots on my t-zone area under my skin although they are not read or ‘spot-like’ yet. Popped the whiteheads on my jawline – couldn’t help it as was going out for lunch. Generally, lots of small bumps all over face. Face a bit itchy. Contact lenses are getting harder to wear/get stuck.


Day 5 – 31.10.2016 (7th pill taken PM)

Day 6 – 1.11.2016 (8th pill taken PM)


Day 7 – 2.11.2016 (8th pill taken PM)

Small spots all over forehead. Forehead drier than usual. Eyes itchy when woke up. After having a shower in the evening I noticed bacne (back acne) forming on both of my shoulders which I haven’t had in a while.


Day 8 – 3.11.2016 (9th pill taken PM)
Bacne. Spots also on shoulder/chest area near to bra straps. Small spots on forehead still ravaging forehead. Ill today, run down tired. Bad small spots on neck and jaw line on right side of face. Two big spots on the right cheek. Face bad. Wondering if this is the initial break out.


Day 9 – 4.11.2016 (10th pill taken PM)

Day 10 – 5.11.2016 (11th pill taken PM)


Day 11 – 6.11.2016 (12th pill taken PM)

Skin very strange. Small red spots appearing on chest and back – went for a short run yesterday and around the straps near my sports bra seems to be particularly irritated afterwards. Haven’t worn make up today or yesterday and seems to be having a good effect. Although spots are appearing around the jawline and on forehead where there were little bumps everywhere they seem to be ‘uninflamed’ but living under the surface. Dermatologist emailed yesterday to check how everything is going and advised taking an antihistamine with the ciscutan to improve results. Have started this since yesterday.


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